Berry Socks, Squared

23 03 2010

I’ve been very busy, but I haven’t had much to show for it until today. I recently finished two 400+ yard projects, the second one is still blocking, but I was able to photograph the first today. Knit Picks makes a fun self-striping sock yarn called Felici. This is the discontinued colorway Mixed Berries; there isn’t a lot of selection on the website right now, but KP usually introduces new colorways in the spring, so there probably will be some available in the next month.

berry squared 1

Since I have small feet, I thought I could manage a pair of socks for my daughter as well, and that seems to have worked out. Even better, I somehow tempted my wily toddler into both putting on the socks AND sitting still long enough for me to photograph them. It’s a banner day at our house. I improvised both pairs. Mine are top-down with a 1×1 twisted rib cuff, afterthought heel, and square toe. My daughter’s socks are toe-up, using Judy’s Magic cast-on, and have a round toe and short row heel.

berry squared 2




2 responses

24 03 2010

That is one of the most adorable pictures, ever. 🙂 Love it. I will have to try to do the same with some leftover sock yarn next time.

And I’ve never seen Felici knit up, so it’s great to see how it turns out, when knit in different size socks. I love the heel on yours, toe-up. Great job!

24 03 2010

Thank you!

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