Ulmus Rectangle

25 03 2010

This is a project with a mildly bumpy history. I had originally planned for this to be with another color match-up, but the two colors didn’t have enough contrast, so I had to work out something else. I had four skeins of yarn that could go to the project, and I chose Ink and Wood Violet, both in Madelinetosh’s tosh sock.

Ulmus Rec 1

Abbie loved it the moment she saw it, and one really can’t get in the way of true love, so I decided to give it to her. That did mean making it longer than I had originally intended, which as with any scarf devolved into an endless knitting slog. Still, I’m happy it’s done. The pattern is Kirsten Kapur’s Umus Rectangle (Ravelry Link).

Ulmus Rec 4




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