What month is this?

24 07 2010

I’ll admit to going on vacation last month, and getting into other interesting activities, but I was startled to realize that I haven’t updated here since the beginning of June, and worse, that I have finished thirteen projects since then. I think I can clear up the backlog in about three posts, so here we go with the first half of June!

I’m starting with the projects I mentioned in the last update, in the order that they were completed, so here’s the baby gift I worked on with Susan. It’s out of two skeins of Knit Picks Felici Sport in Garden Gate.  The baby sack, which is mainly a photography prop, but can double as a kick bag later, was improvised. The hat is a sport-weight mod (details on the project page) of the SnB classic the Umbilical Cord Hat.

baby sack 2

Next up are my Rainbows, which are just simple stockinette, toe-up socks also using Knit Picks Felici, this time in the fingering weight.  I ordered the Rainbow colorway the day it became available, which turned out to be a good decision as this colorway is already sold out. I have enough leftover to make a pair for Sofia, but I’m not planning on making them until the fall since it seems like every time I turn around her feet have grown again. I used the Fleegle Symmetrical Short Row Heel on this, and I really liked it; it’s so much prettier than the gaps normally left by wraps.

rainbows 2

And now for my sister’s birthday present, which was apparently well-received (Yay!). My sister has a mild gnome obsession, so the first time I saw these I knew I had to knit them for her. They’re SpillyJane‘s Gnome Mittens. The only problem is that Mel absolutely cannot wear wool, so I had to find fingering weight cotton, and then in a bit of convenient timing, Knit Picks decided to offer their Comfy line in fingering weight (colorway details on the project page). I don’t think the yarn is springy enough to work for socks, but it certainly usable for colorwork, and I’m planning on making her a matching hat.

gnome mitts

And the last thing I mentioned was a red shawl, but that’s going to have to wait until next time, so I can make this post themed with non-snobby yarn. The last project I’m sharing is out of Cascade Eco Wool that I overdyed teal with Wilton’s icing. I made a Sideways Grande Cloche, which is a pattern that I’ve wanted to knit for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to yet. The gauge on the pattern was clearly off, but I muddled through, and I’m happy enough with the results.

sideways grande cloche 1

I hope to have the rest of June in a few days, and then start into July!




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