June, apparently.

11 08 2010

When I updated last, I completely intended to be back in about three days. Oh well, and moving on with the rest of…ahem…June, which is three shawls, a t-shirt, and a pair of socks.

Finally, I’m adding the red shawl. I had originally intended to copycat the Herbivore I made for Syl, but I didn’t think the yarn Spritely Goods Sidhe in Red Maple was a very good fit; the yarn is a different base, and considerably thicker, so I ended up ordering different yarn for that project and making a Clothilde with this skein.  I like how the project came out, and the yarn is very beautiful.

clothilde 3

clothilde 4

I also made a Flourish (Project Link) with the love birthday tosh pastoral (discontinued) in Esja that I received from Karen. This was part of a knit-a-long for Yarn Snobs‘ designers.

flourish 1

flourish 2

The last shawl is out of a skein I’ve been holding onto for a while. It’s no secret that I’m a Gone with the Wind fan, although I should mention that this doesn’t extended to collector plates, dolls, or miniature sculptures of Tara. Anyway, when the Plucky Classics (a club with classic movie inspirations) had Tara’s Velvet Drapes (merino cashmere nylon in fingering weight) as the monthly color, I had to nab a skein, considering it a bonus that the yarn was a rich, beautiful green, but then I couldn’t decide what to do with it. I decided to keep it in reserve until inspiration struck, and was happy to finally choose it for VerdaiaThe shawl came out exactly as I imagined it.

verdaia 2

verdaia 1

Unfortunately, the next project, did not. I absolutely fell in love with Alana Dakos’ Spring Garden Tee. In what I imagine was an absolute failure on my part to even look at gauge, I accidentally knit it closer in size to a 3T than the to the 2T that Sofia is currently wearing, so in what I suppose works out as a nice bit of symmetry, I guess that Sofia will be wearing it next spring. I used the recommended yarn for the project with Rowan Calmer in Fuchsia 277. It comes to mind, by the way, that my Cosette, by the same designer, came out on the large side, so as a future note to myself, I should probably start going down a needle for her patterns.

spring garden tee 1

spring garden tee 2

And last but not least, the socks, which I knit on the vacation that got me completely off track in the first place. They’re a pair of simple toe-up stockinette socks that I knit in Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop in Pink Cadillac. I named them Eclipse over Florida because I knit them in Florida, and I finished most of the second sock waiting for/watching Eclipse.

eclipse over florida 1

With any luck, I’ll be making my next post later today, before I have a chance to backslide again!



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