Plan B

22 01 2011

I keep saying I’m going to catch up, and then I don’t, so I have a new plan. This time around I’m going to write the posts in advance, and then publish them every couple of days until I’m caught up. That means if you’re reading this, I have already blogged my projects through January. I considered just sort of skipping over some of my finished objects and doing a “best of” run and letting the rest go, but then I couldn’t decide what to cut, so hopefully this works.

The last time I properly shared FOs, I got through *ahem* mid-September. So here we go with the last of September, which really only consists of two projects, but one of them is a “let me jam all of these related items onto one project page” multi, so I have a few different photos to share.

For the first project, I actually began my relationship as a test/sample knitter for Rose Beck of roseisarose. I was surprised and delighted by her initial request, and I have really enjoyed knitting for her. The project I knit was a scarf released back in October called Into the Woods. I named my project Autumnal. It was knit on US 4/3.5mm with Saffron Dyeworks Wasabi Sock: SW Merino 2 ply in Dreaming of Autumn.

Both photos are courtesy of  Abbie of  The Green Wife; I really appreciate the time she has put into photography for Rose’s patterns!

autumnal 1

autumnal 2

The second half of this post is a project I chose to call Baby Hat Party, which is several hats I knit for several babies. They were knit exclusively in Knit Picks yarn.

The first hat is Knotty Baby Hat by Amanda Schwabe. I knit it in Felici in Aquarium, which is a self-striping yarn. I didn’t get gauge on US1/2.25mm but rather than digging out the zeros, I altered the pattern to fit my gauge. I had some problems with how the pattern was written, but I addressed these when I knit it again later, so I’ll save that for a later post.

bhp 8

Next I knit two of the wonderfully named Hat from Natural Nursery Knits by Erica Knight, a book I found at my local library. Hat was knit in Stroll in Carnation and Bare on US 2.5/3mm and US 3/3.25mm. The pattern was written to be knit flat than seamed; I chose to knit it in the round instead. Also pictured are another pair of Hunca Munca in Bare on US 1.5/2.5mm and yet another pair of Ysolda Teague‘s wonderful tiny shoes on 2.5/3mm.

bhp 2

bhp 3

The last hats were for a pair of boy and girl twins, both knit in Comfy Fingering Weight on US 3/3.25mm in a sock-weight version of the rather classic umbilical hat, Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat from Knitty Gritty Thoughts.

bhp 5

Whew! That wasn’t so hard, right? Just three and a half months to go.




3 responses

22 01 2011

Looks great! Looking forward to the upcoming posts. 🙂

22 01 2011

You are the master.

9 02 2011
Laura Wijkowski

I was wondering what happen to you, but I figured you were just too busy knitting! You are my inspiration! Thanks for being there1

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