Adios, 2010.

29 01 2011

Hooray! We’re here! I’m caught up! It’s fantastic! Sorry for the overflow of enthusiasm, but I wouldn’t have really guessed that I was some nine posts behind. Someone please snap my knuckles with a ruler if I’m not at least getting back here twice a month.

I actually only have three projects to finish out the year, and then I’ll give some fun end of the year stats.

I knit a hat for Abbie back in July. I’m guessing she liked it because she requested another. I knit this one .5″ longer than the first, per her request, and in her very pretty Malabrigo Rios in Aguas 855. It was knit on US 10/6mm, and the pattern is Billie Hat by Patti Gonsalves.

billie hat ii 1

Then I took the partial of that skein and knit Stephen West‘s Windschief. My Windschief Cowl was knit on US 7 / 4.5mm, and a little short because I had slightly less yarn than I should have. The total length is 7″.

windschief cowl 1

Finally, I knit a pair of socks for myself. The yarn has a bit of a story. I first noticed this skein of The Plucky Knitter MCN Sport, in March of 2009, but I missed my chance to buy it.  I kept an eye out for it, and one finally came up for destash, over a year later,  I grabbed it.  It had become one of those ridiculous Holy Grails of yarn, but you know what’s the best thing about beloved skeins? Knitting them.
tpk mcn s kilt 2

So here it is in IrishgirlieknitsCotty on US 2/2.75mm. I actually chose to convert the pattern to toe-up to make sure that I maximized the yarn used, and I had to learn how to do a toe-up gusset, which was an adventure. It’s basically the same as a top-town gusset, only backwards, as in you increase, turn the heel, and then knit the heel flap while decreasing it together with the gusset. I was a tad mind blown.

cotty 4

cotty 1

That leaves end of year stats, and they are fun this year!

2010 total: 33,005 yards.
101 projects, 40% selfish, 62% snobby.

for comparison, here’s 2009 since I didn’t have the blog yet.

2009 total: 21,774 yards.
77 projects, 25% selfish, 62% snobby.

Thanks for celebrating my first blogging year with me!




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