Giveaway: Custom Cabled iPad Sleeve

4 02 2011

It’s that time, finally. As I’ve mentioned, the yarn I’d originally set aside for this giveaway was re-purposed for an emergency Christmas present (not mine; I’m a planner), so this giveaway, which I’d intended to do in December, was unavoidably delayed. This isn’t all bad, as I’m delighted to announce that this giveaway is now helping me celebrate a new step in my love of knitting. I’ve opened, a shop specializing in well-made handknit goods out of lovely fibers, so please take a peek!

As to the sleeve I had intended to offer, I considered what to use for it  instead of the absent yarn, when an idea occurred to me. Why not run with the fact that I don’t have yarn on hand? So, instead of offering a pre-made sleeve, I’m offering a custom sleeve. The winner can select any in-stock skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted at Eat. Sleep. Knit.. This allows me to do something else different as well. I wrote the initial pattern to have a flap because the Kindle Sleeve does, but I know some people are not flap fans, so I’m also offering a choice of flap or no flap.

cabled ipad sleeve 1

Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite hand-knit item and some contact info. I will select the winner by random number generator at noon EST in one week, on 02/11/11.




16 responses

4 02 2011

I love this! Your work is always so beautiful. Lovely design and giveaway. 🙂

Oh and my favorite handknit? That’s tough, but I really enjoy my Billie hats that you made.

4 02 2011
Sarah Greenberg

I want one!

4 02 2011

I actually love this…..I have “hinted” to my family that a Kindle should be put on my gift list

4 02 2011

What a beautiful piece of art. My favorite item isn’t mine, but my nephew has a cable knit sweater from the UK from his aunt – it’s for a little boy age 2, adorable.

My wife and I will be looking at your Etsy page. Nice work.

4 02 2011

Very nice work! I have to say of all your stuff this one grabs me the most. Maybe if I win I’ll have an excuse to finally break down and get myself an ipad. lol!

4 02 2011
Chrystyna Johnson

I love this and happen to be writing this from my iPad 😉
My favorite knit item is a beanie my daughter has!

4 02 2011

Oh dear, my favorite handknit item? I love my Amanda Hat knit in Malabrigo Worsted in the Pagoda colorway! I throw it on and feel 10x more mature & fancy.

I don’t have an iPad or a Kindle; I just wanted to comment on how nice your sleeve looked!

5 02 2011

Lol, I’m writing this from my iPad too 🙂 My favorite piece is my current project The Scrumptious Cowl – I love cables!!!

Thanks for the giveaway!

5 02 2011

Your stuff is pretty BA.

I would have to say that my fave item is well, everything you have made me…. ❤

(pls dont enter me into the contest)

5 02 2011

ONLY bc i dont have a need for an ipad sleeve….maybe an iPhone sleeve.. lol

5 02 2011
Gayle Cox

what a great idea! If I win, could I have the yarn and the pattern to make myself?

5 02 2011

You’re welcome to do that! The pattern is already available for free here.

6 02 2011
Laura Wijkowski

My cousin just bought herself an iPad, I really should get her one of these to celebrate the purchase…besides she lives in Wisconsin and it may get cold! LOL

8 02 2011

My favorite knitted item is my Facets Hat in Have You Any Wool Luxe Worsted. It’s a beautiful spice-colored beanie with textured diamonds. It’s my favorite color, it’s extremely warm and soft and I get compliments every time I wear it.

8 02 2011

My mom is getting an iPad for her 60th birthday which is Feb 11th! This would be a fantastic companion gift! My favorite hand knit item is a hat i recently knit! I love it! It’s called the waffel hat and here’s a link to the pattern.

Waffel Ski Hat

10 02 2011

Your items are amazing!! 🙂

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