In which I catch up on knitting for other people, mostly

19 10 2011

This took a little longer than I anticipated. I had hoped to have a Texas State Fair post done first, but I have so far been thwarted on my attempts to go there, so there are no pictures to accompany that post. I do hope nothing comes up to prevent me this time, because this is the last weekend for it. For now, I suppose I can cover my knitting in the rest of August and September, which was primarily me catching up on my knitting for other people. I did birthday presents and baby gifts, and a couple of other things.

First up is Susan’s Magical Unicorn. She saw this in a book, Ana Paula Rimoli‘s Amigurumi Toy Box, and loved it, so I promised it for her birthday, and I’m proud to say that I even finished it in time for her birthday party. It was crocheted in Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton.

susans unicorn 2

The next project I completed was late, but it wasn’t my fault! I thought I had three weeks yet to finish it, but Luke decided to come early, and I don’t mind so much because his gift is really intended for winter rather than September. I knit him a Gift Wrap Romper and Bonnet from the talented Carina Spencer. His version was knit in Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Rich Chocolate and Continental.

gift wrapping 5

After that I decided to take a  little break and knit a self-gratification project in bulky yarn. I chose Anne Kuo Lukito‘s Whitter Hat, which was published in Knitscene, Fall 2011. I have to add that I actually purchased this magazine for another pattern Speer Cap, which is from Rose! I was so excited that I’m sure the cashier at Hastings thought I was a little weird as I shoved it at her and declared, “This is my friend! I sample knit for her”! Anyway, my version of the hat was knit in Malabrigo Chunky in Olive, and it was less instant than I imagined for a couple of reasons. First, I hated the cast-on so much that I ripped back from finished to replace it with long-tail, and second, I didn’t have proper buttons for it, and I refuse to buy them when they’re not on sale, but after three weeks of sitting around, it’s now complete.

whittier hat 2

I know you’re thinking, “Where’s the off-center self-portrait shot?” Not to worry, I have that one too.

whittier hat 3

In the meantime, I worked on another birthday present, this one inexcusably late. The good news is that Abbie didn’t seem to expect them on any sort of deadline. For her I knit a pair of rainbow socks in the ever fun Knit Picks Felici sock yarn. The pattern in this project is technically stockinette, but it’s linked to Cookie A‘s BFF because I wanted the precise counts for Abbie’s shoe size without having to do the math myself, and that worked just fine.

abbies rainbow socks 3

Having wrapped those up, I launched right into my next project, which was really fun. I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been trading with Catrina for handspun. Well, it was time to pay up. One of the things that we had agreed on is that I would take some of her worsted handspun partials and knit them into tiny mittens for Smitten by Emily Ivey. Oh wow, did I loooooove this project. They were fast and fun and so cute. I actually considered asking for more handspun so that I would have an excuse to knit her more.

smitten 1

As to what I received for my knitting work, the answer is some absolutely gorgeous n-plied Becoming Art Fingering MCN in Midnight Mountain. I can’t wait to get my needles into this….but what’s that? Yeah, it’s time for Christmas knitting again. See you in January, handspun.

becoming art mcn handspun midnight mtn

That finishes up this post, but I do hope to be back next week with the one about the State Fair, and barring that, a little WIP update. Someone may have been bitten (stung?) by the beekeeper bug.




3 responses

22 10 2011

I love the color combo on the romper/bonnet set!

18 12 2011

First visit to your blog but it’s now in favorites – I’ll be back! What is “n” plied? I spin and know about s-ply and z-ply but have never heard of n-ply. Thanks!

18 12 2011

I’m glad you like the blog! I’m not a spinner, which is why I trade for spinning, but I did find this post about it. It’s apparently done to keep color portions intact, which I believe was Catrina’s goal. Here’s her notes on spinning it: Top split in two along entire length, spun each half in same direction on different bobbins, N-plied each half into its own skein. Theoretically should result in matching socks if knit from same end of skein.

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