The Last Christmas Hurrah

28 01 2011

Wow. I’m so close to being caught up now. I have the last of Christmas knits, and then we’re into my 2010 wrap-up. Whee!

I know I mentioned that my giveaway yarn might have been appropriated into a last minute Christmas gift. Wonder what it was, or what color I intended to knit the Cabled iPad Sleeve out of? It was Malabrigo Worsted in Azul Bolita, and the project was a Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf by Khebhin Gibbons, which remains a perennial holiday favorite. I might have been sad if I hadn’t ended up doing at least one this year. It was crocheted on a J/6mm hook, and as usual, I split the yarn in half and knit from the middle so that the ends would match.

qa lace scarf ab 1

qa lace scarf ab 2

My next project isn’t a Christmas present, but I’m going to include it because it was December deadline knitting. I knit Deco Diamonds, which was a test knit of Deco Diamonds Socks for aroseisarose. This lovely pair of socks was knit on US 1/2.25mm in Fiberphile Merino Cashmere Sock in Autumn Rose. They’re quite cozy (I’m currently wearing them!).

deco d 8

deco d 2

This one is a “Ghosts of Knitting Past” project. I was reading this thread, which is about naming your oldest stash. I was going to proudly point out that my oldest stash was received as a birthday gift a mere eight months back, when I had an odd niggling that I was wrong. My brain informed me that I still had 4 skeins of Lion Brand Fun Fur from 2005 (the year I started knitting) stashed in the bottom of a bag.

The reason this stash had survived the great stash purge of Jan ‘10 is that this yarn was a gift from my now deceased mother, who never had a chance to meet her granddaughter. I thought it would be a good idea to knit them into dress-up boas for Sofia, so that in a way she would have a gift from her grandma. Inspired by the aforementioned thread to look at it again, I decided to make the boas as part of my daughter’s Christmas present. My project was called I will remember you and was knit on US 15/10mm. I knit the first one held double, CO 20, knit in the round, and the second the same, but with a CO of 16. You’ve got to love the sentimental use of novelty yarn.

I will remember you

Now for a little run of toys. I have a serious love of Rebecca Danger patterns. I have probably four times more of them in my pattern collection than I’ve actually knit, but I intend to get around to them all, eventually. Part of this plan is to use partial skeins I’ve received from other people to make them. This time I knit Susan her own Penelope, partially out of scrap Malabrigo and Cascade 220, but I also used a full skein of Aslan Trends Bariloche in 1332 Pink that Susan gave to me. I knit Penelope the Empathetic Monster the with the yarn held double on US 9/5.5mm and ran out of yarn, which is where the Malabrigo came into the project. I think it came out cute, and it’s always nice to get in some practice on my seaming.


I also tried my hand at another Danger Crafts pattern, this time Holly, Ivy and Steve Three Christmas Hooligan Ornaments, although I have to admit I ran out of steam before I made it to Steve. I decided that I just wasn’t up to dozens of tiny stripes, so my project ended up being Holly and Ivy, Less Steve, and my sister claimed Ivy, fortunately for her made out of Comfy Fingering Weight, so now it’s more just Holly, all by herself, hanging out with the other ornaments. The colorways used were Peapod, Hollyberry, and White, and they were knit on US1/2.25mm.

holly ivy steve 2

I’m wound up the Christmas knitting with one last (very little) project. I made Alex a Yoda, so I thought it was only fair that I make Elliott a little something too. I dug out a book I’ve had for a while Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet, and decided that the cupcake would be perfect, except that I didn’t have rainbow seed beads for sprinkles. Then I remembered that I had that white dot yarn for my niece’s hat, and it worked perfectly. Who would have guessed that I would use that again? The Cupcake! pattern is by Ana Paula Rimoli, and was crocheted on a F/3.75mm hook.

cupcake 1

And with that? Bye, bye Christmas knitting!