haramis is married, sometimes happily and usually contentedly. She is the possession of one very active toddler and one incredibly inactive dog. She knits more than she sleeps.


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10 11 2010
Julie Jo

WOW, what an excellent knitter you are! I just looked at all of your FO’s. You must have been knitting since you were a young kid. I’m impressed and very jealous of your skills. I hope to be that good at knitting some day.

Knitting admirer from Alaska, Julie Jo

1 12 2010

Thank you for your kind words, but I’ve actually only been a “good” knitter for a couple of years, and I’ve only been knitting for a total of 5 years. It’s all about the practice and being willing to take risks. Keep at it!

16 03 2011

I was writing to ask permission to use your pattern to make an iPad cover to sell. Please let me know if this would be all right. Thank you, Midge

30 04 2011

I’m really enjoying your blog:) Just started my own, more or less b/c I love knitting, and decided to look around and see who else is out there. I was attracted to your “I’d Rather Be Knitting…” entry (me too!!!), but your projects are SO great, I ended up reading all of the entries. You are an inspiration to the rest of the obsessive knitting population!

15 12 2011

totally lost in the patterns and the yarns you have, cant wait for my e reader cover and the many more creations i am bursting to levy your expert direction. Now when i think warm cosy knit, only one name springs to mind!!!

10 10 2012
Mary w

Haramis Designs, Would you be interested in coming to our school and showing off some of the things you make and showign kids how you knit? We are in North Dallas, and we’re doing a small group knitting class to 4th – 6th graders! If so, contact me at fundraising@springcreekpta.org. It would be a Tuesday between 8-9 through THanksgiving. Thanks!!

31 10 2013

I got up early so I’m not sure whether I am still dreaming or this is for real. Do you have small motors in your hands? How on earth…. do you manage to do so much? Do you knit 150 stitches a minute? What method do you use? I got it: you knit with your feet as well.
Aside from the above envy-induced comment: congratulations, your blog is fascinating! So much variety, skill, energy, and beautiful work.

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